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2019The first ice free arctic summer occurs (and becomes an annual event thereafter). Massive climate protests occur worldwide.

2020Second global financial crisis coincides with major famine in Africa and record oil prices. A freak storm washes three coal ships onto Newcastle beaches, tears part of the roof off hunter stadium, and washes a fourth ship off its moorings and into Tourle street bridge.

2022Five years since its founding conference, the Left-Green Coalition (a coalition of Greens, disaffected Left Labor members and Socialists) wins the federal election in Australia and starts to carry out its mandate of nationalising coal mines and coal fired power stations and phasing them out, and invests heavily in rapid rollout of wind and solar.

Construction of a large new state of the art wind turbine manufacturing plant commences at the old BHP site, with components to be manufactured in Singleton. Wind turbines from the plant and feeder factories, which will eventually employ over 8000 people, will supply approximately half of the total wind turbines for the repowering of the Australian grid.

2023military coup temporarily dismisses federal government but massive peaceful protests in Canberra, Sydney and Melbourne successfully forces coup leaders to surrender.

2024Australia holds a referendum to become a republic and adopt a new constitution. Among the new changes is the corporation appropriation enabling bill which allows citizens to rank the ‘worst corporate citizens’ using an online league system and vote for ‘league leaders’ to be taken into public ownership during elections.

2025first shipload of state of the art 12MW wind turbines leaves Newcastle headed to Manila.

2027A massively stepped up program of reafforestation commences with one billion trees to be planted Australia wide over the next three decades as part of an international carbon drawdown initiative. Areas zoned for reforestation are treated with sewage soaked biochar made from crop wastes during and after plantings, adding carbon to the soil. Newcastle based researchers help refine this process.

2028Newcastle is now a major supplier of wind turbines to the Asia pacific region, with Indonesia, the Philippines, Malaysia, and various pacific island nations signing build, connect and service (BCS)agreements with the Eureka’s future co-op.

2030last coal shipment leaves Newcastle.

2041massive crop failure due to severe heatwaves and flooding creates major food shortages in Asia, India, Africa the Middle East and Eastern Europe. The refugee and climate disaster response coalition (RCDRC) is created and Newcastle becomes a base for regional relief efforts.

2042contracts are signed for the ageing fleet of Newcastle made and built wind turbines servicing 30% of the national grid to be returned to base, rebuilt, fitted with upgraded blades and returned to service.

2051Major regional conflict breaks out between India and Pakistan. Decades of flooding as the Himalaya shed ice mass have given way to severe droughts, and like in other parts of the world the water shortages have spurred conflict. The entire Newcastle RCDRC fleet of 20 ships (including 10 reconfigured break bulk coal ships) is dispatched to a massive international RCDRC mission in a neutral zone in between Gujarat and Karachi and helps establish desalination plants, solar and wind remote power supply, medicinal herb rations, biodigester sewage treatment and gas combo units, tents, and greenhouses.

2058Contracts are signed between the Eureka’s future cooperative and the federal government to have Novocastrian designed and built sixth generation wind turbines replace the remainder of the old 2030’s era turbines. The new units, which are rated at 40MW, feature patented Eureka’s future maglev rotors designed and commercialised by the CSIRO energy centre and come fitted with giant pressurised blades.

2080Eight million people die after massive floods in Bangladesh. There are now one hundred million refugees in the East India / Bangladesh region alone and over one billion worldwide.

Floods in Bangladesh in 2080.

2099The Lass O’Gowrie reopens on New Years eve after being closed for 30 years due to the floods, and christens the newly built floating back deck area with live holosonic quark sound-light performances. Sea levels are 1.8 metres higher than late pre-anthropocene levels.

2114There has been a net reduction in co2 for three consecutive years (the previous record was two years in a row back in 2088-89) and the temperature has remained stable at 2.8 degrees above pre industrial levels for a decade.

However the future remains extremely uncertain. Scientists are concerned by a growing ‘dead zone’ in the central pacific ocean. Eureka’s future continues building cutting edge turbines and deploying them to replace previous generation turbines, as well as servicing older models.

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Five players in fight for lead

IT’S a bottleneck at the top of leaderboard in the The Advocate -Boag’s-Dowling McCarthy Tyres player of the year award after seven rounds.
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FIRST VOTES: Penguin’s Randall Hardy was best afield against East Devonport. Picture: Katrina Docking.

Five players are within two votes of one another, but Wynyard ball-magnet Zane Murphy still occupies top spot despite not catching the eye of observers on the weekend.

Nipping at his heels is four-time reigning champion Josh Holland, of Latrobe.

“Dutchy” is just one vote behind Murphy after his best-afield effort in the Demons’ 37-point win against Smithton.

He was the catalyst in Latrobe’s midfield that ran riot in a dominant nine-goal-to-two third quarter.

Teammate Rodney Coghlan is a further vote back, along with Cats ruckman Sam Douglas and Ulverstone’s Simon Vanderfeen, who polled three votes in a losing side.

Penguin’s Randall Hardy earned his first votes for the season in a best-on-ground performance in the Blues’ thumping win over East Devonport.

Given the 117-point difference on the scoreboard, Penguin players understandably swept the votes, with James King and Jason Radford being awarded the minor honours.

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Hafey joined Tigers after Coaster said no

THE journey to Tom Hafey becoming a Richmond legend has links to Burnie.
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Speaking after Hafey’s passing on Monday night following a brave battle with cancer, ex-Tiger Ray Stokes yesterday revealed the process that led to Hafey’s appointment as Leg 1coach in the club’s golden era, where it won premierships in 1967, 1969 and 1973-74.

Richmond faced a coaching dilemma in 1965 when incumbent Len Smith suffered a heart attack.

The club appointed Jack Titus to serve as a stand-in until a replacement could be found.

Leg 2Stokes, who played 93 games for Richmond between 1946-51, said it was at that time club powerbroker Graeme Richmond flew down to the Coast and spoke to him at his car yard at South Burnie.

Stokes had returned to the North-West to captain-coach Burnie during the mid-1950s, leading the Leg 3Tigers to the NWFU premiership in 1954.

“He came over to see me and said he wanted a footballer who was mad on physical fitness to coach the side,” Stokes said.

“He reckoned that was the only way that Richmond was going to improve their game.

“He was interviewing Leg 4Tommy at the same time and I said `well you can count me out because I’m not going back to Victoria because I’ve settled back down in Tassie and have given up coaching’.

“To which Graeme responded: `Well if you’re not interested in it then I’m going up to get Tommy because he’s physically fit Leg 5himself and the [Shepparton] sides he’s won [the premierships in country Victoria] with are too and that’s what we want at Richmond’.

“I might not have got the job anyway, but that’s how he came to coaching Richmond and they never looked back.”

The pair formed a special friendship over the years with their alignment to Richmond.

Stokes said Hafey would often fly down to the Coast for football business and he would always call in and see him.

“I had a fair bit to do with him and I’d often go along with him to these different events,” Stokes said.

“He was a great old mate of mine he was, there’s no doubt about that.”

Stokes said the reason “T-shirt Tommy” had so much success as a coach was because he was an inspirational leader.

He made the Tigers the fittest team in the competition and his charges would say they played for Hafey more than they did the jumper.

“He was a great fanatic on fitness,” Stokes said.

“That’s how he got Richmond to the top straight away. He got them on a physical fitness program which the club had never had before.

“He used to run every morning and swim every morning, and he got the players to do the same and that’s how they came to winning so many premierships – they used to run over sides.

“But he was a great speaker too and he knew football back jlto front.”

Stokes said Hafey would be remembered as a quality individual who got the most out of life.

Hafey is survived by wife Maureen and his daughters Rhonda, Karen and Jo.

GREAT MATES: Richmond legend Tom Hafey (right) shares footy stories with former Tiger and Burnie Football Club stalwart Ray Stokes (left) during his visit to the North-West Richmond Supporters Group. Hafey died on Monday.

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Hospital call for volunteers

AT THE Launceston General Hospital, volunteers are essential to keep the place ticking.
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They greet and escort patients and family members, keep them company while they wait, distribute magazines and refreshments, take scripts to the pharmacy, stock linen cupboards, and deliver specimens and blood samples to the pathology department.

Now, the LGH is asking more volunteers to come forward as they introduce new services at the specialist clinics and intensive care unit.

Patient advice and liaison co-ordinator Janine Bennett said volunteers would offer a meet and greet-type service in both areas.

“The community are probably well aware of our waiting times to see a doctor in the specialist clinics,” Ms Bennett said.

“So we hope a volunteer can process the patient or the person as they walk in, and what doctor they’re seeing so they can guide them to the correct reception area.”

Ms Bennett said intensive care volunteers would take pressure off nurses who often had to greet and look after families as they arrived.

She said volunteers were expected to complete an induction course, and give at least one day a week, working from 9am to 4pm.

For more information, contact Heather Gilbert on 6348 7994.

Launceston General Hospital patient advice and liaison co-ordinator Janine Bennett, volunteers Jan Bruce and Jan Blackwell and patient liaison Heather Gilbert.

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Ironman dream getting closer

FOLLOWING a dominant year on the state scene, Simon Murfet is not short on confidence when it comes to his ambitions in surf lifesaving.
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The 17-year-old from Devonport took all before him over the 2013/2014 summer months, with his efforts earning him the April nomination in The Advocate IGA Junior Sports awards.

But it’s at the pinnacle of the sport where the Don College student wants to showcase his skills.

“I’m hoping to move up to the Gold Coast soon and try and make the Nutri-Grain Ironman Series,” he said.

“I’m thinking of having a gap year (after college) then doing university up there, maybe in two years’ time.”

Murfet is certainly on the right track in realising his dream, dominating the five-carnival Tasmanian series, and Tasmanian championships.

During the 2013-2014 series he won 15 individual events in the open and under-19 age group categories, as well as being a part of 21 team wins.

He then took out the Binni Wilson Shield for the best male competitor of the Tasmanian senior state titles, thanks to a haul of 20 medals from the 21 finals he competed in, including 12 gold medals.

Murfet credited his results to a lot of hard work in the off-season with coach Luke O’Garey, and a trip to a famous race in Queensland.

“I did the Coolangatta Gold for the first time, started early and had a good solid year with my coach,” he said.

“It was my first time in the under-19s so I was just going up for a look last year and came 23rd, but this year I’ll give it a red hot go.”

DRIVEN: Devonport Surf Lifesaving club member Simon Murfet. Picture: Katrina Docking.

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Budget 2014 lays foundations for strong economy: Taylor

Federal Member for Hume Angus Taylor speaking in Federal Parliament earlier on Budget Day 2014. Photo supplied.
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Federal Member for Hume Angus Taylor said the Abbott Government’s first Budget was laying the foundations for a strong and prosperous economy with less debt.

“The Government has made the difficult but necessary decisions to put the Budget on a more sustainable footing so that we can all share in prosperity in the future. We are all playing a part – because it’s in sharing the load that we lighten the load.

“Labor ran up five record deficits and left $123 billion in future deficits. If we took no action, debt would have hit $667 billion. Every month, the government is paying $1 billion in interest costs on Labor’s debt.

“Governments, like households, must live within their means. Because of this Budget, Labor’s deficits have been reduced by $43 billion and debt is forecast to be about $275 billion lower in a decade.”

Mr Taylor said the Budget included:

►Australia’s biggest infrastructure programme – with $50 billion in transport investment by 2019-20;

►Creating the world’s biggest medical research endowment fund – the $20 billion Medical Research Future Fund. It will find the cures of the future and be funded by the health reforms;

►Requiring young people who can work to be earning, learning or participating in Work for the Dole;

►Providing stronger incentives to businesses to hire older workers – businesses will receive up to $10,000 for employing workers older than 50;

►Funding for additional road infrastructure by reintroducing twice-yearly indexation of fuel to CPI from 1 August 2014;

►Providing Australian universities with the freedom to innovate through full deregulation;

►Reforming the Age Pension to make it more sustainable – that includes gradually increasing the Age Pension age to 70 by 1 July 2035;

►Freezing politicians’ pay and ending the life-time gold pass;

►Changing family payments to target support to those who need it most; and

►Introducing a three-year Temporary Budget Repair Levy – payable, from July, by individuals with a taxable income above $180,000 at a rate of two per cent. The Levy will ensure those on a higher income contribute to the Budget repair.

Mr Taylor said the Government was honouring its commitment to reduce the overall tax burden – so that families could plan their future and get ahead.

“Every year, the Carbon Tax is a $9 billion hit on the economy and it costs an average family $550. We will scrap the Carbon Tax.

“Fewer than four per cent of taxpayers will pay the new Temporary Budget Repair Levy on high income earners making over $180,000.”

He said the largest roads Budget in Australia’s history would help families spend less time in traffic and would improve Australia’s productivity.

“This record roads Budget will, in part, be funded by the change in fuel excise. The increase in fuel excise will be directed towards road funding.”

He said medical research would benefit from the changes to the Medicare Co-payment.

“Prevention is always better than cure – and this will become a $20 billion fund toward our future health. By making the Health system more sustainable and investing in medical research, we are ensuring that Australia remains the best and healthiest place in the world to raise a family and care for loved ones”.

“The key goal of the Budget is to strengthen the economy – because when you strengthen the economy, small businesses succeed, families have less pressure on them and jobs are created.”

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Ballarat to get an early taste of Breeders Crown Series with heats

BALLARAT will get an early taste of the Australasian Breeders Crown Series.
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Bray Raceway will be the setting for the first Breeders Crown heats, with two-year-old fillies stepping out on July 26.

The ABC begins with three and two-year-old heats at Port Pirie in South Australia, on June 6.

Ballarat and District Trotting Club will for the second year in a row host Breeders Crown semi-finals on Saturday, August 16.

VICTORIAN Derby finalist Motor Smoker reinforced his class by joining the $20,000 Colin and Heather Holloway 3yo Classic, 1609m, in Ballarat on Saturday night.

From the Melton stable of Susan Hunter, Motor Smoker ($5.20) finished hard to come from midfield in a mile rate of 1:55.8.

The Victorian Derby heat winner edged out a brake on Ideal Majority ($26.50) by a half neck, with Major Crocker ($1.80 favourite) a close-up third.

Motor Smoker is target for major tilt at the Australasian Breeders Crown.

He won a heat in the two-year-old colts and geldings’ series last season before running second in a consolation.

Motor Smoke was the first leg of a driving double for Michael Bellman.

Earlier in the night, Daryl Douglas drove a treble.

These wins included the Emma Stewart-trained Misteronetwo ($4.50) in a C6/better Pace, 2200m.

Mister Onetwo is unbeaten in three starts this preparation, taking his lifetime standings to 13 wins from 31 starts for almost $70,000.

ALLENDALE father and son Allan and Adam Stephens are enjoying a fine run with four-year-old mares Pacific Maddi and Union Belle.

Pacific Maddi ($5.20) made it nine wins by the mare for the season with her third victory in a C1 pace, 2195m, at Ararat harness races on Sunday.

She led and now has the three lifetime successes with nine minor placings for $17,000.

PATRICK Payne has been enjoying a fine jumps season, but there is much more to his team than hurdlers and steeplechasers.

First-starter Issawi ($5.50) saluted for the Plumpton/Ballarat stable in a 3yo maiden, 1000m, at Warracknabeal on Monday.

Meanwhile, Darren Weir rarely goes away from a race meeting without a win.

Well at least this is the way it often seems.

Intriguingly, March To Victory (($4) ended a lean time for the stable with his win in a 0-58 handicap, 1600m, at Warracknabeal on Monday.

This was Weir’s first win in nine days and only his second from his latest 50 starters.

BALLARAT trainer John Thom converted a run of minor placings into a win with Unbelievable Buy ($13) in a showcase 0-64 for fillies and mares, 2000m, on the Geelong synthetic track on Friday.

Unbelievable Buy had finished second in three of her previous four starts for the owner-trainer.

The four-year-old made her debut on the last day of last season and in her first three starts finished third.

She broke her maiden status at Yarra Valley on December 20.

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Coastal teen out to rope rodeo success

THE King name has long been associated with rodeo on the North-West Coast, and now a third-generation cowboy is quickly starting to leave an impression on the sport.
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Ty King recently returned from the national junior finals in Caboolture, Queensland, capping off a terrific season where he became Tasmanian champion in five of his six disciplines.

His mother, Jodi, said Ty had always wanted to follow in the footsteps of his late grandfather Frank and dad Gary.

“He’s had a rope in his hands ever since he could walk and started competing in the chute roping since he was five or six,” she said.

“His grandpa won quite a few titles in his day, and his dad has won heaps of titles and qualified for the national finals eight times.”

King put forward a strong showing at the nationals, winning a round of the junior steer ride, placing second in a round of the breakaway roping, and ending up fourth in the Australian junior all-round champion cowboy.

It wasn’t all an easy ride for the 15-year-old though, with a steer throwing its head back and hitting King in the face, leaving him a bit dazed, but he soldiered on with his roping events.

He also competed in four rodeos over the Easter break in Victoria, and while it keeps mum and dad busy, it can also be expensive helping him doing what he loves.

“He’s got sponsorship through Ulverstone Tilt Trays and Towing, and they help out with some money because it costs a lot,” Ty’s mum said.

“His aim is to end up in Victoria, compete in all the bigger events over there and see how far he can go with it.”

RODEO KING: Fifteen-year-old rodeo competitor Ty King is starting to make an impression in the sport.Picture: Jason Hollister.

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Budget wins backing of family man

LAST night’s federal budget was a step in the right direction, Coaster Patrick Fagan believed.
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“We will pay extra and I think it’s manageable,” Mr Fagan said, for his family particularly.

“I think for the long-term future of Australia we have to.

“I think change was needed and I’m reasonably happy how it came out.”

Patrick, a financial adviser in Devonport, is husband to Lisa, and father of three, Darcie, 3, Mali, 18 months, and Lachlan, 4 weeks.

Mr Fagan said the the temporary pause on the indexation of payments and programmes, including the eligibility thresholds for Family Tax Benefit and Newstart, would not affect his family.

“I think those measures are a step in the right direction,” he said.

“I think in other countries that don’t have the support and entitlement that we have, people find ways to work, but it’s very important to support those people who can’t.”

The budget as a whole was a move in the right direction for Mr Fagan.

“I think as a whole we simply can’t afford to keep going the way we are and Australia does need to have that discussion on what we want our government to pay for,” he said.

“They simply can’t keep paying for what we are currently doing.”

Mr Fagan said he was very lucky that the paid parental leave scheme tied in with each of his three children.

Treasurer Joe Hockey said for those who left the workforce to have children, the government wanted those individuals to have every opportunity to return to careers.

“It definitely meant that at least Lisa could spend more time with our children,” Mr Fagan said.

“If we didn’t have it, she definitely would have been back at work earlier.

“It allowed Lisa to have four months with each of our newborns, which we felt was very important.”

HAPPY: Enjoying family time before the federal budget are Patrick and Lisa Fagan, of Devonport, with their children Darcie, 3, Mali, 18 months, and Lachlan, 4 weeks. Picture: Meg Windram.

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Podium finish for Pedley

TASMANIANS played a dominant role in the prestigious Busselton triathlon, winning three of the age divisions.
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Kate Pedley

Hobart’s Hayden Armstrong won the 35-39s category en route to 11th overall, one place ahead of Dylan Hill, who claimed the 25-29s, while fellow Launceston athlete James Hodge seemed like repeating last year’s third-place finish before injury forced him to pull out.

However, Launceston still managed a podium finish with Kate Pedley third overall and first among the female 30-34-year-olds, despite being disadvantaged by competing with the amateur rather than elite entries.

“I’d only done two half-ironmans before so did not want to race with the pros because I didn’t want to lose all my confidence,” the 30-year-old explained.

“I just saw it as a learning curve so thought I’d just race in my age group and see where I’m at, so I’m really stoked to win my age group and get third overall.”

A regular on the Tasmanian running circuit and winner of the Launceston 5km, Pedley has twice won the Coles Bay Triathlon and also claimed her age group over the Olympic distance at Devonport before contesting the Balfour Burn on the same day, but was genuinely surprised by her result in Western Australia.

Completing her weakest leg, the 1.9-kilometre swim in 29:36, had her in ninth place but she moved up to fifth after a 2:27:49 90.1km bike ride and claimed two more placings with a blistering 1:20:42 21.1km run – the fastest of all female competitors.

“I really enjoyed it and had to work a lot on the swimming and getting `k’s into my legs on the bike,” said the former Hagley Farm and Launceston Church Grammar student, whose overall race time of 4:21:41 was nearly 10 minutes quicker than her nearest age group rival.

“Obviously running is my best leg and I love supporting the local events in Tasmania but a few friends suggested I get into triathlon and it’s gone from there.

“It’s taken me a while to understand how it all works but next year I hope to race with the pros.”

A year after also claiming third place, 22-year-old Hodge was in second place after a 23:09 swim and fourth after a 2:04:22 ride but withdrew in the run.

Hill, 27, was 48th overall after a 26:48 swim, 22nd after the 2:12:41 ride and claimed 10 more places during his 1:19:25 run for an overall time of 4:02:19.

Armstrong, 35, significantly improved on last year’s time, leaping up eight places in the process.

In 33rd place after a 26:15 swim, he was 14th after a 2:09:30 ride and finished 11th following a 1:22:47 run and overall 4:02:11.

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