Tallis knew Milford would honour deal

Gordon Tallis believes the Raiders’ recent hefty losses would have made Milford’s decision to join the Broncos easier. Photo: Jeffrey ChanRaiders star Anthony Milford was in a suburban shopping centre in Brisbane during the pre-season when he introduced himself to Broncos and Queensland great Gorden Tallis.
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So Tallis wasn’t shocked when Milford announced on Monday he would honour his contract to join the Broncos for the next two seasons in the face of a massive offer to stay in Canberra.

The Raiders had dangled more than $1 million a season in front of Milford to convince the 19-year-old to change his mind about returning to the city where he grew up.

Tallis believed the Raiders’ recent hefty losses would have made Milford’s choice to join the Broncos easier and applauded him for sticking to his word.

The former Broncos captain was always confident Milford would follow through on his decision after running into him earlier this year.

“He walked up to me in a shopping centre, I didn’t know him, and introduced himself and said he couldn’t wait to come and play,” Tallis said.

“He wouldn’t do that if he had second thoughts, and that was in the pre-season, and there was talk about June 30 and the Raiders then.

“I believed Milford was always going to come because if he was not going to come to the club, why would you introduce yourself to a former player?”

Milford signed with the Broncos last year for the 2015 and 2016 seasons, but was unsuccessful in asking the Raiders for an early release so he could move to Brisbane this year.

The Raiders put together a sizeable financial package to try and get him to stay, and even relocated his parents to Canberra this year to help with Milford’s homesickness.

While Milford has probably sacrificed some financial gain in the short-term, Tallis said the respect Milford was likely to get by sticking with his choice would pay off in the long run.

“I think it gives him a hell of a lot of credibility as a man to get offered a lot more money in Canberra and choose to play closer to his family,” Tallis said.

“He stuck to his word and he didn’t waver, so his word is his bond.

“He’s old-fashioned, which is amazing and outstanding.

“In 10 years’ time, if Milford goes on to be a great player or he doesn’t, he’ll be known as a guy … he’s gone up in a lot of people’s thoughts.

“He’ll get that money back at the end of his career.”

Milford was in impressive form at the start of the season, but has dropped off in the past couple of weeks as the Raiders have slumped.

Milford’s manager Sam Ayoub said while the uncertainty about his future hadn’t been a distraction, it was human nature to not be totally focused when there were external issues.

“Everybody, when they’re going through a situation when they’re making their mind up about something, it’s always going to be playing on your mind,” Ayoub said.

“I certainly don’t want this drummed up as he’s been distracted, because he hasn’t been. Subconsciously these things have an affect, it’s human nature.”

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