Budget wins backing of family man

LAST night’s federal budget was a step in the right direction, Coaster Patrick Fagan believed.
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“We will pay extra and I think it’s manageable,” Mr Fagan said, for his family particularly.

“I think for the long-term future of Australia we have to.

“I think change was needed and I’m reasonably happy how it came out.”

Patrick, a financial adviser in Devonport, is husband to Lisa, and father of three, Darcie, 3, Mali, 18 months, and Lachlan, 4 weeks.

Mr Fagan said the the temporary pause on the indexation of payments and programmes, including the eligibility thresholds for Family Tax Benefit and Newstart, would not affect his family.

“I think those measures are a step in the right direction,” he said.

“I think in other countries that don’t have the support and entitlement that we have, people find ways to work, but it’s very important to support those people who can’t.”

The budget as a whole was a move in the right direction for Mr Fagan.

“I think as a whole we simply can’t afford to keep going the way we are and Australia does need to have that discussion on what we want our government to pay for,” he said.

“They simply can’t keep paying for what we are currently doing.”

Mr Fagan said he was very lucky that the paid parental leave scheme tied in with each of his three children.

Treasurer Joe Hockey said for those who left the workforce to have children, the government wanted those individuals to have every opportunity to return to careers.

“It definitely meant that at least Lisa could spend more time with our children,” Mr Fagan said.

“If we didn’t have it, she definitely would have been back at work earlier.

“It allowed Lisa to have four months with each of our newborns, which we felt was very important.”

HAPPY: Enjoying family time before the federal budget are Patrick and Lisa Fagan, of Devonport, with their children Darcie, 3, Mali, 18 months, and Lachlan, 4 weeks. Picture: Meg Windram.

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