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2019The first ice free arctic summer occurs (and becomes an annual event thereafter). Massive climate protests occur worldwide.

2020Second global financial crisis coincides with major famine in Africa and record oil prices. A freak storm washes three coal ships onto Newcastle beaches, tears part of the roof off hunter stadium, and washes a fourth ship off its moorings and into Tourle street bridge.

2022Five years since its founding conference, the Left-Green Coalition (a coalition of Greens, disaffected Left Labor members and Socialists) wins the federal election in Australia and starts to carry out its mandate of nationalising coal mines and coal fired power stations and phasing them out, and invests heavily in rapid rollout of wind and solar.

Construction of a large new state of the art wind turbine manufacturing plant commences at the old BHP site, with components to be manufactured in Singleton. Wind turbines from the plant and feeder factories, which will eventually employ over 8000 people, will supply approximately half of the total wind turbines for the repowering of the Australian grid.

2023military coup temporarily dismisses federal government but massive peaceful protests in Canberra, Sydney and Melbourne successfully forces coup leaders to surrender.

2024Australia holds a referendum to become a republic and adopt a new constitution. Among the new changes is the corporation appropriation enabling bill which allows citizens to rank the ‘worst corporate citizens’ using an online league system and vote for ‘league leaders’ to be taken into public ownership during elections.

2025first shipload of state of the art 12MW wind turbines leaves Newcastle headed to Manila.

2027A massively stepped up program of reafforestation commences with one billion trees to be planted Australia wide over the next three decades as part of an international carbon drawdown initiative. Areas zoned for reforestation are treated with sewage soaked biochar made from crop wastes during and after plantings, adding carbon to the soil. Newcastle based researchers help refine this process.

2028Newcastle is now a major supplier of wind turbines to the Asia pacific region, with Indonesia, the Philippines, Malaysia, and various pacific island nations signing build, connect and service (BCS)agreements with the Eureka’s future co-op.

2030last coal shipment leaves Newcastle.

2041massive crop failure due to severe heatwaves and flooding creates major food shortages in Asia, India, Africa the Middle East and Eastern Europe. The refugee and climate disaster response coalition (RCDRC) is created and Newcastle becomes a base for regional relief efforts.

2042contracts are signed for the ageing fleet of Newcastle made and built wind turbines servicing 30% of the national grid to be returned to base, rebuilt, fitted with upgraded blades and returned to service.

2051Major regional conflict breaks out between India and Pakistan. Decades of flooding as the Himalaya shed ice mass have given way to severe droughts, and like in other parts of the world the water shortages have spurred conflict. The entire Newcastle RCDRC fleet of 20 ships (including 10 reconfigured break bulk coal ships) is dispatched to a massive international RCDRC mission in a neutral zone in between Gujarat and Karachi and helps establish desalination plants, solar and wind remote power supply, medicinal herb rations, biodigester sewage treatment and gas combo units, tents, and greenhouses.

2058Contracts are signed between the Eureka’s future cooperative and the federal government to have Novocastrian designed and built sixth generation wind turbines replace the remainder of the old 2030’s era turbines. The new units, which are rated at 40MW, feature patented Eureka’s future maglev rotors designed and commercialised by the CSIRO energy centre and come fitted with giant pressurised blades.

2080Eight million people die after massive floods in Bangladesh. There are now one hundred million refugees in the East India / Bangladesh region alone and over one billion worldwide.

Floods in Bangladesh in 2080.

2099The Lass O’Gowrie reopens on New Years eve after being closed for 30 years due to the floods, and christens the newly built floating back deck area with live holosonic quark sound-light performances. Sea levels are 1.8 metres higher than late pre-anthropocene levels.

2114There has been a net reduction in co2 for three consecutive years (the previous record was two years in a row back in 2088-89) and the temperature has remained stable at 2.8 degrees above pre industrial levels for a decade.

However the future remains extremely uncertain. Scientists are concerned by a growing ‘dead zone’ in the central pacific ocean. Eureka’s future continues building cutting edge turbines and deploying them to replace previous generation turbines, as well as servicing older models.

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