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Or turning weakness into strength as a means of sustainability.

When Newcastle beach was the cities rubbish tip (around 1870-1898) an international group of pantomime artists scolded council for allowing a natural asset to be used in such a way. They said elsewhere in the world beaches are put to healthy community use.

South Newcastle Beach is a legacy of many types of human use and is observably geologically unstable. Yet it remains a prized public recreation attractor.

Both Newcastle and South Newcastle Beaches have in the past contributed greatly to the recreational culture that is some essentially Newcastle and the Hunter region. Yet unless a funding mechanism which doesn’t drain the public purse is explored it is likely South Newcastle and parts of King Edward Park will no longer be able to play that current and historic role.

Without diminishing the public spaces, in fact by securing them it is possible to adopt a European approach to utilizing the currently crumbling cliff tops and face by engineering a sustainable structure. With open spaces top and bottom and ocean view real estate within that sandwich. Potentially a massive project, yet one which would remove the burden of ongoing public expenditure while enhancing public recreation spaces, and removing the current safety problems.

A radical idea, perhaps? Yet one which could be dealing with future sea level challenges, building a world class surf break and crumbling cliff faces all in one; and in a self funding model.

World’s best surfing attraction can be created (by reverse engineering the underwater rock platforms) along with the benefits of the real estate returns (99 year leases?) to ensure that tourism has a major coastal attractant for the Hunter.

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